Day 9. Travel To Yorkshire

13th April 2019

My last snooze in the boat finished at around 7am. We had to get the last preparation complete for leaving our week home at 9am. It was a great idea to already be parked at Richardson’s and to have most things already in the cars and the rest sitting organised for us leaving. It helps to ease that travel tension.

Despite this however, stress was still in the air. It is bound to happen on travel days. Trying to be set for a deadline, sitting in a car for hours, making sure to be at a certain place for a certain time – it ain’t easy. I just try to not let it get to me and appreciate the time away I have just had. Be grateful for every moment – even the difficult, stressful travel ones.

The car journey was quite a restless one. The car was tightly packed with the luggage and leftover food from our boat trip. My Dad has his seat stretched out anyways, so it doesn’t help my lanky legs relax. I was firstly watching YouTube but my 4G was switching between on and off impatiently. So instead, I turned on Spotify and went for a nap. Avoiding the stress and annoyance of driving in an unusual area and trying to keep the Grandparents in tow at the same time!

There was a moment where my parents left the car for a pee break but you needed to buy stuff from KFC to use their loos. My Granny never knew that my Grandad went to Subway to get her tea and she got a tea herself. Let’s just say, she ended up with 3 teas!

Once we arrived at the Travel Lodge in Yorkshire, we felt greatly welcomed by the staff. They aided us out with extra towels and pillows and helped us decide on somewhere to go for food. We were starving and indecisive. They recommended the Red Hawk, which is owned by Marstons.

Thanks to them, we had a great meal. We all went for a 3 course meal. Starters: cheesy garlic bread. I decided to show my lion finesse by scoffing a 8 ounce sirloin steak along with chips, a buttery corn on the cob and sunbathing in peppercorn sauce. It was delicious right from the first bite to the final chew!

Just to add a cherry on top you may say, I had a raspberry jam doughnut sundae. It was a gorgeous delight to the tastebuds. Just what the doctor ordered! I was stuffed! To my surprise, my Grandad never had a Belgian waffle before as he thought it was the potato kind – and who has potatoes with ice cream? This was hilarious, so we forced him to try one. He loved it!

We had a quiet, cosy night back at the Travel Lodge. I unbelievably beat Lauren at Mario Party.

It was an amazing feeling having a powerful shower once again. I imagine a massage from a masseuse having the satisfying feeling that trickled down my back like the shower gave me. I relished the moment.

After my shower, I just played on my phone until I felt sleepy. It is strange how the days that you do the bare minimum, are the days you feel most sleepy.

Next time, before we travel back to the good ol’ land of Scots, we will spend some time in York – a place I have always wanted to visit. Exciting stuff await in the final blog! 


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