Day 8. Last Full Day On The Broads

12th April 2019

Last full day on the Broads. Wow. Astonishingly, we have been sailing up and down these rivers for an entire week, but our journey does not end here.

On this blog, I will discuss my last day on the Onyx. Then the final 2 posts will see the travel home, plus a stop in the exciting town of York. Fun times ahead!

Unfortunately, fun times began later than expected this morning. I was supposed to get up early for some scenic Sun rise photos. According to Google, the sun would awaken at around 6.10am. I never got up until about 8am. I could blame my Mum as I remember her saying she was going to wake my sleepy head, however, I should have also made sure I was awake.

I still managed to get impressive photos throughout the daytime. Instead, we got up, put rubbish in the bin, filled the boat up with water (my hectic shower must have emptied it out) , and played Mario Party until our next mooring station. I think I ate too many biscuits at this section.

Our 1st mooring point of the day was a memorable one for us as the last time we came (Grandparentless with a dog instead) this was our 1st mooring location. Our boat was situated at a nice grassy area with 2 benches, pottery and a church. My Mum & Granny both got memorabilia from the pottery stand.

This church, like Any other, was one of a kind. It was titled St Michael’s church and it was compact, being useful for blindness between the locals. Glass panes and the pipe organ blew me away similar to the other one. Every church is unique and wonderful with its own set of ways and characteristics.

Next, we went on a little wander at Barton Broads Boardwalk. This was supposedly the best place to see otters, so I kept my eyes peeled. Unlucky, I never found them but I did see another fluffy land mammal run under the boardwalk and through the marshland. Sharp instincts lead to great vision. Thankfully, my Mum, Dad & Lauren spotted this also, so it couldn’t have been accused of make-believe like the fox on Day 2 (it was most likely this creature).

This nature trail was delightful. So many different birds, insects and other things trekked their way through the marshy ground around.

We decided to do our final moor back at Richardson’s, where we began. This meant we could easily hand the boat over at the time allocated – 9 in the morning! We decided to load some of luggage back into the cars, go for a visit to Tesco which took us onto a busy road with no sidewalk, we saw a dead duck and stuck sticky willies to each other – mainly my Granny. 

Once back at the boat, I had the delicate Chicago town pizzas for tea and we played with the cards and tension – laughing at the mishearings from my Grandparents: Grandad thinking we had to guess 10 alien newspapers instead of UK newspapers and my Granny saying “smelly bums” smell good thinking the question was 10 things that smell.

This whole trip has been hilarious and I wouldn’t change any of it. I love my family and seeing parts of the world with them is beyond exciting. Just taking the time to be with them is pleasurable and even though I am looking forward to returning to my proper bed, I have loved my time away. It just shows travel is more than just travel. It is the memories you make and the friendships that are kept close to your heart that makes travelling the best life therapy.


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