Day 10. York

14th April 2019 Wowzers! Hasn’t time flew by?! Last week we were away sailing down in southern England. This morning we were getting packed to leave the Travel Lodge, go on a detour to York then return to our crib. The sad part of travel is that it needs to end, however, on the bright side,Continue reading “Day 10. York”

Day 9. Travel To Yorkshire

13th April 2019 My last snooze in the boat finished at around 7am. We had to get the last preparation complete for leaving our week home at 9am. It was a great idea to already be parked at Richardson’s and to have most things already in the cars and the rest sitting organised for us leaving.Continue reading “Day 9. Travel To Yorkshire”

Day 8. Last Full Day On The Broads

12th April 2019 Last full day on the Broads. Wow. Astonishingly, we have been sailing up and down these rivers for an entire week, but our journey does not end here. On this blog, I will discuss my last day on the Onyx. Then the final 2 posts will see the travel home, plus a stopContinue reading “Day 8. Last Full Day On The Broads”

Day 7. Salhouse Broads! The Bell!

11th April 2019 So, let’s just say… not much happened on this blog. At all. But to satisfy the blogging needs, I will write a few descriptive paragraphs of day 7 of the holiday. I woke up about 8.30am and just played cards, had cereal and chilled out. The swans were desperate for attention, so weContinue reading “Day 7. Salhouse Broads! The Bell!”

Day 6. St. Benet’s Ruins! Brewery!

10th April 2019 Vrrrooom! Vrrrooom! Was the sudden deafening noise that woke me to my core. It was the 1st time that we had set sail before I even said “Good Morning”. Reason for this, was the rule to leave Great Yarmouth at 10am – I woke up around 9.15am. Once on the waters again, itContinue reading “Day 6. St. Benet’s Ruins! Brewery!”

Day 5. Crazy Golf! St. Nicholas’ Church!

9th April 2019 Unexpectedly, I woke up around 10am. This was strange as I was expecting to be up for a proper shower run by the Great Yarmouth mooring area – which says you need to be away no later than 10am. I found out that they decided while I was catching rest from the WrestleManiaContinue reading “Day 5. Crazy Golf! St. Nicholas’ Church!”

Day 4. Great Yarmouth! Tenpin Bowling!

8th April 2019 I jumped out of bed at roughly 9am, ready to kick start the day with some wrestling. It was WrestleMania the night before – a show that wrestling fans desire. Due to circumstances of being out on the waters I couldn’t watch this jam-packed 8 hour frenzy live and instead it took mostContinue reading “Day 4. Great Yarmouth! Tenpin Bowling!”

Day 3. Trying To Find a Shop

7th April 2019 I woke from my slumber at around 8am. Ready for the day ahead. My cabin bed was surprisingly comfortable and I was quite warm under the covers. My Grandparents were awake as usual. The 1st plan of action was breakfast. I decided to go for some Coco Pops – with hot milk,Continue reading “Day 3. Trying To Find a Shop”

Day 2. Travel To Norfolk! Peacocks In Trees

6th April 2019 The day started rolling with a bang. A literal one. 15 minutes before my 8.30am alarm there was a sudden knock at the door. It made us all leap out of our beds in confusion. Later, we found out it was only my Granny playing chap door run because she was wanting aContinue reading “Day 2. Travel To Norfolk! Peacocks In Trees”

Day 1. Travel To Doncaster

5th April 2019 Exciting times lie ahead as we pack and ready ourselves for the next Burzynski adventure. Once my Dad finished work it was holiday time – or when we get out of my Grannies it was… After a few hours of panicking grandparents (trying to make sure not to forget anything for the trip),Continue reading “Day 1. Travel To Doncaster”