Day 4. Great Yarmouth! Tenpin Bowling!

8th April 2019

I jumped out of bed at roughly 9am, ready to kick start the day with some wrestling. It was WrestleMania the night before – a show that wrestling fans desire. Due to circumstances of being out on the waters I couldn’t watch this jam-packed 8 hour frenzy live and instead it took most of the day to watch. After finishing an impressive kick-off show, we moored up at our 1st post.

This mooring area brought back peaceful memories. Last time we came to the Broads, Zarra was still gracing us with her presence and she had the highlight of our trip at this exact spot. She was headbutted by a goat. I saw those sneaky goats but they weren’t getting any attention from me. How dare you whack heads with my dog. 

We entered the gift shop, clapped the local dog – also afraid of the goats – and headed back out. We were going to go up a windmill, like last time, but it had construction surrounding it’s bricked infrastructure.

The next bit of our journey wasn’t too far away. I got the rest of the kickoff show & the Lesnar vs Rollins match watched before we arrived at Great Yarmouth. This outcome left me with great delight. Mooring up here is £13 a night, but we never minded paying it as this is quite the popular area to visit while out on the Broads.

We headed around the shops in the town centre trying to find a coffee maker for my Grandad. He forgot his and this mission made him speed-walk faster than usual. We honestly need a leash for that man.

We made our way to the pier, where a fun fair was located. My Granny suddenly – out of the blue – decided we wanted to play bowling. I am certain our lane was wonky as it kept on falling off. We already had faulty shoes which we returned for 2 sizes smaller than original!! My Grandad luckily managed to get a strike and so did my sister. I came out in 3rd place. Here are the results below:

After this we all were in the mood for a chippy. After searching for one with the best price (this place was bombarded with fish & chip shops) we eventually found one reasonable. Everyone went for fish & chips apart from Lauren & I. She had one the other day and I believe fish are friends, not food. She had a smoked sausage, and I had my friend Joseph’s favourite – battered sausage supper. Missing ya bro.

We ended our night with a stroll back to boat – seeing an odd household with Christmas decorations inside… at Easter.

Once back in the boat, I finished WrestleMania – a very enjoyable show with length being the only problem. We all came to a decision to pay to stay in Great Yarmouth for another day.


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