Day 3. Trying To Find a Shop

7th April 2019

I woke from my slumber at around 8am. Ready for the day ahead. My cabin bed was surprisingly comfortable and I was quite warm under the covers. My Grandparents were awake as usual.

The 1st plan of action was breakfast. I decided to go for some Coco Pops – with hot milk, I prefer the chocolate fragments melting in my mouth.

Once my Dad steered the boat to point in the correct direction, we were ready to set sail. I was supposed to be the navigator but I got distracted and my Mum took over. We adventured over sea from How Hill to Acle. During the journey we saw: cottages, ducks, swans, herons, Geese and windmills on the horizon. It was very relaxing just watching the slow canal waters tilt in the warming sun.

Once mooring up for the night again (I aided in the mooring mission… just a little) we decided to raid the nearest shop. Picking up sugar, frozen peas (apparently ducks enjoy them) and a window sweeper. This is certainly necessary on the Broads. Those windows get covered in rainwater and the leftover morning mist, therefore, sweeping them is important. 

We had rolls for lunch and some sponge cakes as we relaxed in the comforts of our boat. 

We decided to go out and try to find the Co-Op shown on the map. Our walk was fun. Grandad & Lauren in front like usual and my Dad and I annoying my Granny – for the whole distance. Nosing her shoulders, tickling her with reefs. She was annoyed, so objective completed.

Unfortunately, Sunday in England meant everywhere was closed early. The Co-Op we found, shut at 4pm! Instead, we ran into a nearby M&S and picked up our dinner.

Dinner was a meatball pizza with garlic doughballs and a garlic bread. It was very tasty.

In the evening, I tested my photography skills by snapping the orange sunset.

Then we all entertained ourselves with cards, Scrabble and paper airplanes, to end the day.


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