Day 2. Travel To Norfolk! Peacocks In Trees

6th April 2019

The day started rolling with a bang. A literal one. 15 minutes before my 8.30am alarm there was a sudden knock at the door. It made us all leap out of our beds in confusion. Later, we found out it was only my Granny playing chap door run because she was wanting a tea. Typical pensioners – getting up early – she was like a little kid excited to begin the day. My sleep was fine but I woke up dehydrated, so a lovely visit to the neighbouring GREGGS for a sausage butty and a hot chocolate went down extravagantly.

I was super excited for the car journey to Norfolk; I knew I had NXT Takeover: New York from the night before pending to watch and that kept me occupied for a fun 3 hours. Let’s just say the show was utterly fantastic and proves how much I love wrestling. We had a tiny break on our way to the Broads – heading to a nearby Dobbies for lunch. My option was the only resort – SCONES. I love cream scones and usually fantasise over the next time I’ll get them, they are that good. Luckily, that next time was today.

After a quick shop at Tesco for supplies (I was delighted that my Granny bought Custard Creams) we made it to the Norfolk Broads for 4pm. My Dad and Grandad went out to trial-run our boat “Onyx”, while the rest of us unpacked the cars and watched the geese waddling around. This is what we were in for, this whole week.

The boat ride never got off to the best of starts. My Grandad almost crashed into a “4mph” sign and my Dad turned the boat to face home direction while we moored. It was just hilarity all round. Quite entertaining to say the least.

Once stepping foot on proper land again, we embarked for food. Heading past beautiful cottages our days journey was yet to be over indeed.

A loud bird sound was also heard from a distance. This sound started to increase as we creeped closer to the culprit of this rather irritating sound. Then we noticed it. The culprit. It was spectacular but very unusual. Colourful, vibrant and very high up in the trees. It was peacocks. About 8 of them. Standing on the branches looking down at us. How did they get up there? I am still trying to figure that out myself.

We entered the Kings Arms for some grub. It was my Grandparents 32nd Wedding Anniversary so it was nice to treat them to a fancy meal on our 1st night. Granny and Lauren went for the fish. My Mum & Dad went for the Steak pie. My Grandad indulged into the juicy steak and I kept my italian cravings going (I love italian food) as I slurped a spaghetti Bolognese all over my face. It was rather tasty.

After this late course, it was roughly 10pm and pitch black outside. The torches came out to guide the way, however, my Grandad and Lauren ran off into the darkness. They got back to the boat safely which surprises me. Once returning to the Onyx, it was pleasant just to snack on a Custard Cream and call it a night.


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