Day 2. Travel To Norfolk! Peacocks In Trees

6th April 2019 The day started rolling with a bang. A literal one. 15 minutes before my 8.30am alarm there was a sudden knock at the door. It made us all leap out of our beds in confusion. Later, we found out it was only my Granny playing chap door run because she was wanting aContinue reading “Day 2. Travel To Norfolk! Peacocks In Trees”

Day 1. Travel To Doncaster

5th April 2019 Exciting times lie ahead as we pack and ready ourselves for the next Burzynski adventure. Once my Dad finished work it was holiday time – or when we get out of my Grannies it was… After a few hours of panicking grandparents (trying to make sure not to forget anything for the trip),Continue reading “Day 1. Travel To Doncaster”