Day 1. Travel To Doncaster

5th April 2019

Exciting times lie ahead as we pack and ready ourselves for the next Burzynski adventure. Once my Dad finished work it was holiday time – or when we get out of my Grannies it was…

After a few hours of panicking grandparents (trying to make sure not to forget anything for the trip), we were ready to go. About 2 hours later than expected, but better late than never, I guess.

The journey down south took us on quite the scenic route – going past the hilly region of the Scottish-English borders. Sheep grazed in the fields with their newly-born lambs. It was Spring indeed.

Half-way through the drive, we stopped at a service station in a place called Washington. Even though I work part-time in Burger King to pay for my getaways, a Burger King was my Dinner option. Unfortunately, I needed a motor-card for a discount šŸ™ƒ. I had the Bacon Double XL for the 1st time and thoroughly enjoyed this fat delight. Certainly an option for my break times in the future.

After tea it was the next portion of our journey. The travel to Doncaster. I spent my hours listening to music, playing Pokemon on my Switch and quizzing my intelligence in a trivia app against my friends. Let’s just say, I am quite good. Quite.

Nearly losing my Grandad a few times on the road thankfully never stopped us all arriving at the same destination. Doncaster Travel lodge. This is where our beds lie, as we await the next part of our adventure – the drive to Norfolk – in the morning.


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