Day 5. Crazy Golf! St. Nicholas’ Church!

9th April 2019

Unexpectedly, I woke up around 10am. This was strange as I was expecting to be up for a proper shower run by the Great Yarmouth mooring area – which says you need to be away no later than 10am. I found out that they decided while I was catching rest from the WrestleMania show before, that we are going to stay an extra night at the Seaside town of Great Yarmouth. Our original plan was to go to the fun fair but we noticed the prices yesterday and after going to Florida and riding the most epic and thrilling of rides, you kind of grudge paying about £20 for something that will leave you with a headache. Instead, we were going to head out and sight-see St. Nicholas’ Church and play a game of Crazy Golf.

If you have ever read my previous blogging series or watched any of my vlogs on YouTube or just know my exploration preference then you’d know I love a church. It doesn’t matter if you believe in the religion and the writing’s on the inside, a church/cathedral/place of worship will make you stand in awe. Well, at least the ones I’ve saw. Italy was one of my favourite places for cathedral spotting. The Milan & Amalfi  duemo’s are out of this world.

Furthermore, St Nicholas’s church in Great Yarmouth stood victoriously in its pure beauty. The infrastructure was incredible. Inside stood a massive pipe organ. I could only imagine the melodies that would blow out of that fascinating instrument.

(Drop a comment below of your favourite place of worship for attractive reasons).

Find The Donald Duck
My Grandad’s On A Mission

After visiting the intriguing walls of the church, we went on a stroll to the pier we where at last night. This was in search of Crazy Golf. At this moment it was incredibly sunny, however, the cold wind made icy temperatures force my nose to run and my hands to shiver.

My Granny thought the cold Spring weather was unbearable so we looked for an indoor mini golf course. We found one with a windmill blowing around on the wall. It wasn’t very dear, so off we went. This was fun and felt like a proper stereotypical game of Crazy golf: windmills; ramps; pipes; blockades – it was highly entertaining.

Shocking set of results also as we saw my Granny come in a triumphant 1st place. My Dad won silver. I was 3rd, therefore with bronze. Lauren, then my Mum, then the Craziest of golfers – my Grandad was in last place. We all were better at this than the bowling though!

To grab a snack and for my Granny to get a cuppa we entered the Landmark – a bar style restaurant area with a play area. I am jealous and wish I was still capable minor age for play areas.

In this place, I got myself a refreshing cola and dirty nachos. Nachos, melted in cheese with chilli glazed on the top. It was pretty delicious but the area wasn’t somewhere to go home on. It was decent for the price, but they never even buttered my Dad’s baguette, so it is about average for my rating.

Before we headed back to the boat, we went on an excursion to Asda. Trying to find our way across the road was a nightmare. With the guidance of a nearby Taxi driver – we got there in the end. 

Our boat was very low down from the docks due to low tide, so getting my Granny on looked like a task. The visual fear of her falling in the water was only an illusion as she was successful… for now 😂.

Once back in the boat, we ate ready meals – I had a pepperoni pasta bake. I watched more wrestling as I sat with my Grandad engaged with the RAW after ‘Mania, then we played with the playing cards as I destroyed everyone in a game of Trumps and we had cornettos, so everything was just dandy.


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