Day 6. St. Benet’s Ruins! Brewery!

10th April 2019

Vrrrooom! Vrrrooom! Was the sudden deafening noise that woke me to my core. It was the 1st time that we had set sail before I even said “Good Morning”. Reason for this, was the rule to leave Great Yarmouth at 10am – I woke up around 9.15am.

Once on the waters again, it was time to tour back the way. We made it to the far end of the Broads and now that we were halfway through our fabulous holiday it was time to go back the way. This brought back some familiar areas… and goats.

We needed to hydrate ‘Onyx’ so we stopped by at Tracey’s farm again. Last time we where here was Day 4. This place had watering stations for £2, which allowed 30 minutes of fueling. Lauren & I were sent to the shop to pay. This led to some strange occurrences. Dafty me decided that instead of moving the goat that blocked the shop door, I was going to stroll in and let it follow. As we tried to lure it out, Lauren held the door open, allowing for the other one to join its buddy. The shop owner looked frustrated at us – but this was quite rude as it was their goats and I don’t know how to stop them from following me. They headbutted my dog after all. Once we paid, I took a detour to see the donkeys. They are cute.

Our next stopover was at St Benet’s Abbey – which is now simply ruins. It was nice just to be on land. The wind made it really chilly at this area though.

Once we were back on track again, watered up and ready to go we stopped at another familiar area – from my last visit with the Broads. I remember loving the peaceful nature of this mooring location.

I decided to be playful with Lauren, however, she was having none of it and pushed me to the floor. Evil. From this area, it was merely a 10 minute walk beside farmer fields, lovely cottages and marshy broaden lands to reach the Fur & Feather Inn. This also had a brewery attached.

My Grandad made good use of that, buying a box of beers and drinking a dark ale – which had quite a lot of foam. Weirdly, I decided I wanted to try it. I was only 17, so almost legal drinking age, but I ain’t really an alcohol connoisseur. I just don’t really like the strong flavouring and think the whole ordeal is overrated. Nevertheless, I gave this a sip and thought it was fine. I preferred my cola 😂.

Upon returning to the boat we had a lazy night. I had a tinned spaghetti bolognese and toast for tea, as we played cards, snakes & ladders and quizzed each other on Tension. Really entertaining evening.


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