Day 7. Salhouse Broads! The Bell!

11th April 2019

So, let’s just say… not much happened on this blog. At all. But to satisfy the blogging needs, I will write a few descriptive paragraphs of day 7 of the holiday.

I woke up about 8.30am and just played cards, had cereal and chilled out. The swans were desperate for attention, so we fed them. They remained for a while. We already knew Salhouse Broads was going to remain our home for the night.

Going for a shower was probably the most thrilling part of today. I wasn’t told that my Grandad wanted to have some fun out at sea – and if you remember last time he steered, we almost crashed into a sign. His fun lasted longer than my wash and I was swaying and getting jolted into both sides of the bathroom. Wildest shower I’ve ever had.

To get out of the boat for a bit, we decided to walk the opposite way from yesterday. This walk led us past pigeons, pheasants and big houses.

To stop for drinks we went into The Bell. This was a proper local public house. It had the usual daydrinkers, a dart board, music and us – the odd ones out. These drunken fellows were starting conversation, seemed to be cheery people but I was wary at 1st. I had a nice cola. I ain’t a fan of pubs – certainly when you are near drunk strangers; with no idea how they’ll react sober, nevermind drunk! Thankfully, we were safe. So, I recommend this place as a friendly pit-stop for drinks.

Once back at the boat, we had a tinned dinner – beans & sausages with the weird combination – mashed potatoes. It was pretty good. Southern fried chicken and other chicken treats were also cooked off.

We spent this fine evening playing cards and I connected my Nintendo Switch to the TV (It has HDMI input). So we played a bit of Mario Party 8 – where I was crushed by Lauren. Quite humiliating for a hard-core gamer such as myself. My Grandparents were starting to get tired. My parents were starting to get a little tired. My Sister is always tired. And heck, even I was tiring out a little, as we near the finish line of this exciting time away.


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