Hello everyone and welcome on here to the 1st part of this Island Hopping adventure! In today’s vlog, we travel north and sightsee Loch Awe & Oban – where it is very rainy!

Day 8. Another Day In Paradise!

July 28th 2019 So, still being on the beautiful Outer Hebridian islands meant we needed to explore a little further. Be grateful that we are blessed to have this on our doorstep. For the 1st time on this trip, we didn’t wake until 9am. Early awakening is essential on these trips as the outdoors areContinue reading “Day 8. Another Day In Paradise!”

Day 7. Ferry Too Full! Hushinish Beach!

July 27th 2019 Today was supposed to be the day that we left the Outer Hebrides behind us. With our hair blowing in the wind, we were supposed to reach the Isle of Skye & mainland Scotland by afternoon. This wasn’t the case though. I am still on the Isles of Lewis & Harris andContinue reading “Day 7. Ferry Too Full! Hushinish Beach!”

Day 5. Isle Of Lewis Has Some Of The Most Beautiful Beaches On The Planet?!

July 25th 2019 Wow. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Everything was rushing into my face; the wind, the splashes of the waves, the fresh air, but most of all, the beauty of the landscape. It was mesmerising! The Isle of Lewis has beaches that could put the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Middle East to shame. ItContinue reading “Day 5. Isle Of Lewis Has Some Of The Most Beautiful Beaches On The Planet?!”

Day 4. Journey To Lewis! Islands In Complete Fog!

July 24th 2019 Such comfort. Such calmness. Such tranquillity. Sleeping in a bed definitely gave us the energy to continue onwards and beyond. To maximise this energy power, we had our breakfast in the inn, where I ate sausages, beans, toast and a bowl of granola cereal (which I sweetened with a bit of honey).Continue reading “Day 4. Journey To Lewis! Islands In Complete Fog!”